ADS600-EXP Options

ADS600-EXP ADS600-EXP $1299.00

Remote Mount UAT Transceiver for Experimental & LSA aircraft.
The ADS600-EXP offers full ADS-B OUT (transmit), and IN (receive) capabilities, delivering traffic and weather to displays connected via internal WIFI and/or RS-232 serial channel.
Sends Traffic & Weather to popular iPad apps like Hilton WingX, Adventure Pilot iFly-GPS, and Seattle Avionics FlyQ, Skyvision Xtreme, and Android Systems



TransMonSPE Transponder Interface

TransMonSPE Transponder Interface

TransMonSPE –

Transponder monitor for single point of entry for squawk code and pressure altitude. Reads the data from the Mode C or S transponder and enters data into the ADS600-EXP 199.00



AV22Rod and Ball UAT antenna $89.00


AV74Blade style UAT Antenna $122.00


GPS Ant Internal WAAS GPS Antenna for Experimental for use inside the cockpit $122.00


GPS Ant Ext
Certified GPS antenna, puck style for exterior use with Salus-3. $350.00



Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker (Choose 14VDC or 28VDC) 23.49

UAT Coax for UAT Antenna UAT Coax pre-built 9′ length (other lengths available at different costs(3′, 6, 12′, 15′) 64.00




Hardware for mounting the ADS600-EXP

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