Wifi Concepts & Startup Troubleshooting

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The SkyVision Xtreme ADS-B systems using wireless communications with the UAT (Salus-3, NavWorx ADS600-B or ADS600-EXP) are all based on the same basic concept.  They use the same SSID (name of the Wifi connection), NavWorxAP and require the same sequence of steps to provide data to the tablet or smart phone in order to include the ADS-B traffic and weather to the app on the tablet or smartphone.

The Skyvision tablet and software is delivered with the configuration that will automatically launch the XtremeVision app on boot up of the tablet and attempt to connect to the Wifi SSID “NavWorxAP”. SSID = Service Set Identifier, the name of the Wifi connection.

The system should be started by powering up the UAT (Salus / ADS600-B or the ADS600-EXP) FIRST and then waiting 10 – 15 seconds to startup the tablet.

The tablet or smart phone must be connected via Wifi to the UAT in order to provide data to your app. Just as you must have a Wifi connection for your computer / tablet to the Internet to send emails or use a browser, the same applies to connecting to the UAT.  The SSID NavWorxAP is configured as an access point so your tablet / smart phone sees it as an open Wifi connection similar to a public Wifi connection, but without internet service. It is configured to allow up to seven (7) connections at the same time.

Skyvision Xtreme tablet with XtremeVision software. 

The Skyvision tablet and software is delivered with a configuration that will automatically launch the XtremeVision app on boot up of the tablet and attempt to connect to the Wifi SSID “NavWorxAP”.  However, if the Salus-3 or ADS600 (-B or -EXP) has not been powered on or had time to go through enough of the boot up routine to make the Wifi SSID NavWorxAP available you will get an error that there is no connection to the UAT.  When the Wifi becomes available the tablet should connect to NavWorxAP provided there are no other Wifi connections available to the tablet. Nonetheless, if the tablet Wifi does not automatically connect to NavWorxAP it is a simple matter to connect manually. However, the first step in a situation where the tablet was started before the Wifi SSID NavWorxAP is available (UAT not powered on first) is to attempt to connect via the XtremeVision software on the tablet.

The easiest method to accomplish this is to completely power off the tablet (not sleep mode)by holding the power button until a shutdown screen appears and then pull down the screen to the bottom of the screen, verify the UAT has been powered on, and restart the tablet. The tablet will go through the normal boot up and start the XtremeVision app and automatically connect to the UAT.

If you want to avoid shut down and restart of the tablet you can manually establish a connection to the NavWorkAP SSID by following the steps below.
Manual Connection to Wifi:

 Minimize the XtremeVision progam to the task bar by double tapping the traffic 3D window.

  1. Tap the Wifi icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Verify the Wifi is connected to NavWorxAP, if not tap on the NavWorkAP in the list, tap the checkbox to automatically connect, tap connect.

On the XtremeVision app:

  1. Tap the setup icon (wrench and screwdriver) on the left bottom of the 3D traffic screen. 4
  2. Tap the Hardware tab on the popup that appears
    The UAT field should show either “Salus” or “Salus & TransMonSPE” ( If a TransMonSPE is installed), if anything else is in the block use the small down arrow at the right of the block to get the pull down list and select either “Salus” or “Salus & TransMonSPE”as appropriate. Select one of these even if you have an ADS600 (-B or -EXP) installed.
  3. Tap on Connect (if connect is already highlighted, tap Disconnect and then Connect)
  4. Tap OK and if the Wifi is connected to NavWorxAP the XtremeVision app will run as usual.

If for any reason this procedure does not work, shut down the UAT (Salus / ADS600) by removing power (cigarette lighter plug or circuit breaker), shut down the tablet, restart the UAT and then after about 15-20 seconds power up the tablet.

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