Salus-3 Specifications

salus-3-skyvision-small-03      Salus-3 New Back Labeled
T – Traffic 
Illuminates when traffic is received from the internal Receiver

W- Weather 
Illuminates when weather messages are received from the internal UAT receiver

P- Participating 
Participating Aircraft – When the Salus-3 transmits ADS-B messages, the FAA ground stations receive these messages, and in turn broadcast a message indicating that your aircraft is considered participating in the ADS-B link

A – Anonymous
Anonymous Mode – When illuminated indicates that your ICAO and N-number have been randomized by the Salus-3. The FAA does not have the ability to identify you in this mode of operation

F – Fail
Illuminates when an internal failure occurs

The SALUS-3 is a Portable ADS-B Transceiver – transmitting full ADS-B OUT, while receiving ALL traffic and weather around your aircraft. We took the design straight out of a TSO/STC certified ADS-B product, miniaturized it, and made you the SALUS-3. Complies with the performance requirements of TSO C154c and 14 CFR 91.227.

Don’t settle for dangerous receiver-only devices that don’t show all the traffic near you! Did you know that the FAA only sends traffic to your aircraft if you have ADS-B OUT – don’t compromise your safety by using a receiver-only device for traffic – get the SALUS-3 and rest assured that the FAA is sending you traffic near your aircraft!

No installation cost – plug it in, place it on the glare-shield, and start receiving traffic and weather instantly on your favorite iPad or Android app! Choose from ForeFlight, WingX, iFly, Naviator, eKneeboard, Avilution and others. Does not work with proprietary, closed applications like Garmin.

SALUS-3 is fully integrated – no external antennas that need to be mounted on the window – GPS and Wifi antennas are built-in.
Can be ordered to use an externally mounted UAT antenna.
Transmitter: 20W, 20ppm accuracy
Receiver: 90% MSR at -98dBm
Dimensions: 7”W x 4”D x 1.5”H (excluding antenna)
Wifi: Connects up to 7 iPad/Android devices at once.
Weight: 1.1lb
Power: 10-30Vdc through Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Operating temperature: -40°C – 60°C
Warranty: 1 year
Skyvision Xtreme reserves the right to change specifications and pricing at any time.

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